Baracuda G3 Pool Cleaner Review

Swimming time is almost here and this means you need to dedicate some time to clean your pool if you want to enjoy your swimming sessions. Pool cleaning time is now easier with the Baracuda G3. A mere glance at this automatic pool cleaner will leave you wondering whether it gets its job done. Well, the simple answer to that is yes, it’s the perfect automatic pool cleaner for your pool. It’s inexpensive, cheaper to install and a good alternative to the more expensive robotic pool cleaners out there in the market. To be sure of its efficiency before you go out there and buy one, here is a Baracuda G3 Pool Cleaner Review.

Baracuda G3 pool cleaner

Baracuda G3 Features

• Straight forward and silent automatic pool cleaner
• Designed for inground pools
• Works exceptionally well on fiberglass, gunite, vinyl and tile pool surfaces
• The self adjusting flow valve automatically regulates the flow of water thus ensures there’s optimum performance even with low horsepower pumps.
• Comes with a 40’ft hose
• A quick release cassette that offers fast accessibility to the diaphragm
• It has an anti-stick design
• Has a wheel deflector design that makes sure there is total pool coverage allowing it to maneuver around the ladders and steps easily
• Comes pre-assembled meaning that it does not require any tools to install or to maintain
• It comes with a durable hose
• The pool cleaner comes with a one year warranty
• It has a one year warranty on manufacturer wear and tear and any form of defects
• Automatically cleans the pool getting rid of dirt, algae, leaves, bugs and all types of debris
• The patented quick release cassette offers a quick accessibility to the diaphragm
• Strong and durable diaphragm
• The wheel deflector lets the G3 move around the steps, corners and even in the most complicated pools.
• Finned disc which ensures total adhesion on different types of pool finishes
• It does not require high cost maintenance
• It’s been tested on different pools and it works perfectly fine even on the toughest ones
• One can connect it to the skimmer or on a 1.5 inch vacuum line
• The anti-stick design ensures there’s total pool coverage when cleaning
• It has quiet operations meaning that it does not have flapper noise

Baracuda G3

What does the entire box contain?

The barracuda comes with the following components: hose weight, wheel deflector, hose sections, FlowKeeper valve, 4.5-inch connector, finned disc, pool cleaner body, 45-degree elbow, flow gauge, valve cuff and a protector net.

A Complete Overview of The Zodiac Baracuda G3

The zodiac barracuda G3 is quite easy to assemble once you remove it from its packaging. You simply need to put on the following components; the hose, the finned disc and the wheel deflector. After you have put them on, connect it to the skimmer or the vacuum line that comes separately.
It works perfectly fine with the pools pump so you don’t have to put up and run an extra booster pump for this robotic pool cleaner to work effectively. The Baracuda G3 will effectively work if only the pool pump is running.
If your pool is located in an area that has trees that shed leaves, then you will have to first use a net to collect the leaves before you can begin using the Baracuda G3. This pool vacuum is not specifically designed to collect the larger items and although it may pick, you may have to spend a lot of your time cleaning the pump strainer. If your pool has dirt, bugs or any other types of debris at the floor of the pool or attached to the sides, this pool vacuum will pick up that. However, its recommend that you check and clean the pool filter regularly to ensure the Baracuda G3 performs exceptionally well.
The FlowKeeper valve adjusts the rate of water flow so that the pool vacuum works even with a low speed pump.
The diaphragm in the Barracuda G3 is the only part of the pool cleaner that moves. The distinctive quick release cassette enables the owner to easily check or fix the diaphragm. This is actually the first part that you may need to replace a year of regular use. Overall, Baracuda G3 is an inexpensive robotic pool vacuum to purchase and maintain.
The cleaning disc has 36 fins that scrub your pools surface and make your cleaning much faster. The best thing is that the fins do not get stuck on the drain covers or light since they are flexible, can easily bend but are strong enough to scrub.

Pool being cleaned with baracuda G3

• Its long lasting and its maintenance costs are minimal when compared to other brands of pool cleaners
• Baracuda G3 is a bit heavier than the previous models, but it can also effectively climb and clean walls and stairs
• Baracuda G3 diaphragm is the only part of this pool vacuum that moves; it does not have complex wheels or gears that may need replacements.


• The Baracuda G3 will often get stuck in any raised anti-vortex main drain
• Leaves that are big can easily clog it up so it might be wise to spend some money on a leaf skimmer instead of risking your pool vacuum
• This pool vacuum cleaner has a pool pump and the pumps strainer basket will require regular cleaning so that it does not clog up the system.
One of the most important things that you need to bear in mind is that the Baracuda G3 is meant to work with large inground pools. Still, this does not imply that it may not work for you if you have an above ground pool. A lot of users have actually found that Baracuda G3 works perfectly fine with their above ground swimming pools. But you will need to understand before you buy it for your above ground pool, the manufacturer does not back this statement. Apart from that, if you go through the reviews on Amazon, you will only come across very few negative reviews.

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