How Much Does An Above Ground Pool Cost?

Every homeowner dreams of having a pool in their backyard especially during those extremely hot summer days. A swimming pool does not only make your summer more bearable, but it also increases the value of your property. In addition, a swimming pool can be such a fun way to bring your friends and family together. What every pool shopper wants to know when they start shopping for a swimming pool is; how much does an above ground pool cost? How much do I expect to pay for the different sizes, shapes and types of above the ground swimming pools in the market?

These questions can be quite difficult to answer, but we will try our best to break down everything here so that you have a general idea of what to expect when you begin the exact shopping process.

Above ground pools make the best alternative to inground pools. Most people who would love a swimming pool in their backyard but are on a tight budget opt for this kind of pools due to the expensive costs of installing inground pools. Although above ground pools are cheaper, this does not mean that they are of inferior quality. If installed in the correct manner, this pool can serve the owners for many years and get the best out of the inground pools.


Sizes and Shapes

Round Pools
The most common types of above ground pools are the round shaped pools. This is because it’s much easier to install round pools than oval ones. They also have less structural parts than oval pools.
The sizes for round pool are 18’, 21’, 24’, and 27’. You will get larger sizes than 27’, but we would not recommend that due to maintenance and chemical use.

Oval Pools
Oval pools are longer and not wide. They come with more structural parts and are quite difficult to install. The straight side of an oval pool needs heavier duty upright than the center end of the pool. The uprights on the straight side of the pool also protrude more than the uprights on the radius ends of the pool. Additionally, an oval pool has metal straps that pass below the sand bottom to link up both sides of the pool.

Costs of Pool Size and Extras

Clearly, the size of the pool does play a vital role in determining the entire costs. But from a medium sized pool to a large pool may be less than what you actually expect, and even doubling the total cost of the pool may cost you only 10 to 20 percent more of the initial costs. However, adding features such as a diving board, a slide or a patio may increase the total costs.

Types Of Above Ground Pools And Their Cost

Wal-mart Style Pools

These types of pools will cost you about $100-$500 and last for one to two years. These are some of the most popular above ground pools because they are inexpensive. But they have harmed the image of above ground pools in so many ways because of their inferior quality and the fact that they are so difficult to maintain. This is because of their low quality pump and filters which is not good enough to keep the water clean and clear.

Metal pools

aboveground pool with metal frames
The quality of metals used in the traditional above ground pools is quite expensive, but most will likely cost from $2000-$10,000 fully installed. Still, this will depend on different factors such as the size and shape. Always bear in mind that aluminum is way better than the regular metals in terms of durability. Further, since pool walls are generally constructed with metals, it’s important to have a stainless steel panel as a part of the wall especially in the area where the skimmer and return are positioned. This will prevent oxidation from occurring in that area and can largely increase the life of the structure of the pool. In general, a metal pool will last for between 3 to 15 years.

Resin/Polymer pools

Although most traditional above ground pools are constructed of metallic walls, polymer and resin structures have become a common feature in the last 15 years and are aesthetically appealing. Apart from that, they are durable and can last from 8 to 20 years. This is because unlike metal which is prone to rust, resin will not. To install a resin pool, it may cost from $4,000 to $12,000.
The pricing of above the ground pools has two different components. The first one is the total cost of the pool and the other is the cost of installation. Depending on the company you choose to do the installation of your above the ground pool, you may have to pay from $1000 to $3500 for just the basic installation. These prices do not include charges for pool decking and some other features.

What are the average maintenance costs of above ground pools?

After your pool has been installed and it’s ready for use, you will need to know the average maintenance costs of your above ground pool. If your pool is natural, you may not need pH balance testing or heating. However most above grounds will need to be cleaned regularly, debris collected and heating systems need to be repaired. The average maintenance cost of above ground pools is about $200.


Your area of residence will play a vital role in determine the cost of installing an above ground pool. The cost of labor in different states varies and also the landscaping of your backyard may require more effort. For instance, if your backyard is made up of a rock surface, then it will take longer to dig. This means there will be extra charges for the extra time taken by your installation company. The cost of water to fill up your above ground pool should also be considered.

Additionally, there are those states that require you get a license before putting up your above ground pool so it’s important that you factor in that too.

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